Our Type on Paper:

A Love Island Podcast

Obsessed with Love Island UK? Me too, thanks to my friend Sarah Bockian. She was the one who suggested 1) I start the show, and 2) I record my reactions to this glorious reality tv show on a new podcast with her.

Started in summer 2020, this podcast recaps ALL the drama and wild plots only Love Island can produce. Hosted by Sarah Bockian and myself, Our Type on Paper reviews all eight UK seasons, and is available on all major streaming platforms. Click the icon to access our Linktree!


Meet the Hosts!


Sarah Bockian

Catherine Collier

Writer, Comedian, Iain Stirling Enthusiast. Most recently she became a winner of the 2020 PAGE Awards for her amazing comedy pilot. Click Sarah's icon to access her most recent work!

Started as a Love Island novice, now all eight seasons deep into the hype. Understands the importance of pop culture & utilizes that knowledge to get sidetracked in discussions with beloved friend and confidant Sarah.

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